She Sells Seashells Bag

$ 315


The She Sells Sea Shells Bag is handmade in Los Angeles. No two shells are the same. Fill with treasures and pack carefully, shells are delicate and can chip or break. Dress up, dress down, perfect for the beach or in town!


Natural White Seashells. Size: 12 in. long, 9 in. wide, 7 1/2 in. high. Bag size and shape may vary.
Our shells come from to us from the Philippines and Indonesia, collected after natural shore wash. The rest are by-products of the fishing industry in Mexico and India. All of our shell sources adhere to U.S. and international laws related to the distribution of seashells and marine life. Our shells have been cleared in accordance with the
U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as by CITES. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.